World Wide Prayer Challenge

World Wide Prayer Challenge


The Christian Group, God’s disciples has issued a challenge to all Muslims worldwide

Elijah Love, the President of the group God’s Disciples recently announced a worldwide prayer challenge to determine who the real God is. Mr. Love stated, “The first thing I want say is that this challenge is coming from a place of love. We love people of all faiths and religions but the truth is, only one God can be the real God.

This is the most important decision people will ever make, so they need to be sure they are making the right decision about who they believe God is.

Our group thinks that it is time to end the debate of who the real God is.

Muslims say that Allah is God.

Christians say that Jesus is God.

The debate could go on until the end of time. But we feel that there is one way to answer this question once and for all.

That is to see which God will heal people through prayer. We want people to send in their prayer requests no matter what their need is and we will pray for them. 

Additionally, to participate in our prayer challenge, we want Muslims and Christians who are terminally ill to contact us with the details of their illnesses. An equal amount of terminally ill patients will be selected from each religion and they, along with others from their religion will pray to their God. 

We will have Muslim, Christian, and Atheist doctors run controlled tests of those patients. We will see which group has the highest number of people get cured of their illnesses through prayer.”

Mr. Love went on to add, “Anybody who wants to participate in this challenge can fill out the contact form below with their details.  They can be from any faith.

They can send us the details of their illnesses such as:

*What the illness is
* How long they are expected to live
* What their religion is
*The name of their doctor
*Where they live

We want to prove who the real God is. This is not limited to only Muslims and Christians, anyone can participate, even Atheist. But right now, the biggest battle seems to between Muslims and Christians.

We look forward to receiving responses from people of the various beliefs.”

For more information, Elijah Love can be contacted by email at




**To be filled out by the Challenger or someone related to him/her.





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