Expansion of Islam

Expansion of Islam

In mosques and Islamic schools around the world, imams exhort the need for global expansion of Islam.


This expansion covers five steps:

Expansion of Islam Phase 1: Arrival

When the first Muslims arrive in a Western democracy, they keep a low profile and make few if any demands on the host nation. Many quietly work as students, business owners, professors, doctors and other professionals, making good first impressions and gaining vocational respect.



Expansion of Islam Phase 2: Recognition

When a sufficient number of Muslims gather, they request recognition of the Sharia law being applied within their own community. To preempt resistance and suspicions, they publicly condemn “radical” Islam and even seek well-publicized inter-faith dialogue and gatherings.

They position Islam as a religion of peace whose Sharia law is not a threat to the host nation, especially since it would never be applied outside the Muslim community. Often, they are supported by the host nation’s uninformed leaders who are eager to be seen as “progressive”.


Expansion of Islam Phase 3: Penetration

When Muslims gain critical mass in a few cities, they begin to penetrate the host society. They create an alphabet soup of front and umbrella organizations that inflate their reach and unity, and use them to lobby the government, support (pro-)Muslim political candidates, conduct public relations campaigns and file lawsuits against alleged islamophobia, pressure public schools with Muslim students to hold prayers towards Mecca, endow Islamic studies departments at universities, place imams as ‘chaplains’ in armed forces and prison units.


Expansion of Islam Phase 4: Confrontation

When Muslims become a significant minority in the host country, they demand incorporating into its legal system elements of the Sharia law. Often, this demand is made while “rogue” elements from the Muslim community threaten or engage in violence (e.g., Europe and UK).

Expansion of Islam Phase 5: Imposition

When the Muslim population becomes the majority and/or Islam gains control of a nation (e.g., Taliban in Afghanistan), Sharia law is imposed on the host society, which is then locked down against non-Islamic influences, including Christianity. The ideal Islamic state is Saudi Arabia, where Sharia law is the only law of the land and enforced without mercy.


War Against Islam


In the West, few Islamic imams openly preach Jihad, Islam’s so-called “holy” war against us. But to Muslim-only audiences, imams do preach waging war against non-Muslims. In the later stage Islam-penetrated Western countries like the UK, some imams have begun to throw off the cloak of taqiyya and openly declare war against us even on television.

Not only have Muslims declared war against us: they already are waging war against us.





They burn down churches, behead and/or massacre Christians in Ethiopia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Sudan, Somalia, Iran, Nigeria, Yemen, Kenya, Indonesia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq, Mali, Malaysia, Bangladesh, etc.

They also have bombed or planted bombs to cause mass murder in Spain (Madrid), UK (London), Russia (Beslan), Indonesia (Bali), Kenya (Nairobi), India (Mumbai), USA (New York City) and international airliners.

The first step to confronting Islam is to admit the reality of Islam already waging war against us.

The tendency by many in the West to bury their heads in the sand and wish away the reality is driven by fear, unpreparedness for and unwillingness to pay the price that this war will require, as well as general fatigue and distaste for conflict after a decade of it in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The present situation is not unlike the one in which Europe found itself in the late 1930s.

Wary from the mayhem of World War I, Europe did not want World War II, was not prepared for it, and chose to pretend that Nazi Germany was not on a warpath against it.

Even after Hitler annexed Austria and invaded Czechoslovakia, in 1938, the rest of Europe tried to appease him instead of confronting him, with disastrous consequences.


Above from islamforpeace.org


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