Do you see yourself as a person with a passion for Christ? Do you want to reach the lost and misled and bring them to Jesus Christ? Does the thought of possibly losing your life in the mission of leading the lost to become fully devoted followers of Christ brings no fear to your heart?


Then join us! Our mission is to show the 1.5 BILLION Muslims (at least, as many as we can) that they are being misled into following a religion that was started and still controlled by Satan. Sound far fetched? Search through our web site and you will realize that according to the Quran and Muhammad’s Hadiths (sayings) and you will realize that it is not far fetched at all. The best way to bring them to Jesus Christ is with love, so if you have a loving heart, bring it here and bring it to Muslims.


We need a lot of  volunteers in a bunch of different areas and talents to help us reach and bring them to the arms of Jesus. It doesn’t make a difference what talents you have, we will put them to good use. It could be producing videos for us, writing Press Releases, signing people up to enter our Worldwide Prayer Challenge or sharing our message. It doesn’t matter. We need your help.


If you don’t have the time or don’t feel the calling, then maybe you feel called to help us out financially by donating to the cause. To fulfill our mission, it will take a lot of money to reach 1,5 Billion Muslims. We have plans to reach them through publicity, billboards, newspapers, in America and abroad, anywhere they are and any way people meet them.

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